“Justin has the magic touch!  Not only has he helped me on numerous occasions when my back has gone out and I needed to be mobile for an important engagement, he is an incredibly sensitive healer, Rolfer and human in general.  Do not hesitate to check him out, your body will thank you for it.  Rolfing is incredible and NOT painful!  I leave his office with a smile every time.  He is worth every penny, I promise!”

Lannie Garrett

Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee


“Justin is gentle, thorough and graceful in his approach… I notice I can breathe with less effort, more deeply.  I used to experience some burning pain along my cervical spine, which has completely gone away.

…I have experienced low back and pelvis pain for around three years now.  Working with Justin through the 10 Series released some muscle groups that were over working… there has been a significant reduction in pain.  I anticipate more freedom of movement and pain as I move forward with this learned awareness.

…From my experience the most sustainable shifts in my life have been working with people who offer you the tools to understand your own path to healing.  Justin has been this person for me and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking for opening, more breath and ease or a more profound shift in body and spirit.”

headshot for website of Lisa Rundall

Lisa Rundall
Denver, CO
Professional Photographer
Certified Yoga Instructor

lisa rundall full testimonial

Justin approached me a year ago… (after) I had my first knee replacement surgery.  I was amazed after just one (Rolfing) session the amount of fluid and tissue release Justin was able to attain and how well my leg felt after that one session… knowing that I had another full knee replacement surgery scheduled for the following spring, I knew I would ask Justin to work with me to get the second leg prepped for that surgery.  

We started 5 weeks before surgery… I had the surgery and the day after surgery, I could bend the new knee 92 degrees and was up walking with limited pain.  This was unbelievable to the hospital therapists.  My total recovery time was cut by half of the time it took for the first knee surgery.  I attribute most of this to the work Justin did in preparing me for surgery.

As we continued to work through the Basic Ten Series, I’ve learned more about how my body is all connected through the fascial tissue system and how my body works…  I’m in my sixties and have better postures now than I ever had and I feel every bit of my 5’2” frame.

I love working with Justin because he has a gentle touch but also talks you through what he is doing and how it is helping your body.

I now feel so much better and confident about my body thanks to Justin!  I now walk 2 plus miles with no pain, swim more than a half mile without stopping and ride a bike for miles at a time.  I feel like someone much younger than my sixty years and I know I look better because I’m proud of my body and what it can do.   Thank you, Justin, and I look forward to working with you continuously!”

Shirley Hinds                                          
Golden, CO

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